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Flood Relief Operation

Floods in Pakistan continue to remain a national calamity. CSP invariably is called upon in aid of civil power for undertaking relief rescue operations for protection of life and property during flood season. Over the period, army has developed a comprehensive organizational setup to fight any challenges resulting from floods in the country.

Whenever the nation of Pakistan faces a challenge, it can count on its NGOs to support it to their fullest capability. This remains true for the current flood situation, which has wreaked havoc through all provinces of the country and taken more than 1000 lives. CSP are all actively participating in flood relief efforts, fulfilling their duty of service.

Huge Relief Operation for Pakistani Flood Survivors

Torrential monsoon rains and floods in Pakistan have killed more than 1,200 people, and affected upwards of 33 million, rendering millions homeless, and causing widespread destruction and damage to homes and infrastructure.

CSP planning for essential medicines, water purification kits, tanks, tents, and other emergency supplies. There is an urgent need to scale up disease surveillance, restore damaged health facilities, and provide mental health and psychosocial support to affected communities.

As the situation is still expected to worsen because of floods that are persistent in many parts and especially for the most vulnerable, we are trying to respond to the current health impact of the floods while, at the same time, scaling up preparedness for additional health risks as we expect more monsoon rains in coming months.

Appeal to overseas Pakistanis & donors to help people affected by the floods in Pakistan

The unprecedented rains and floods in Pakistan have caused large scale devastation in various parts of the country. The Government of Pakistan has declared a state of emergency in view of huge losses of life, property, infrastructure, livestock and livelihoods. 33 million people have been affected by 1000+ lives have lost. The entire Pakistani nation, civil society and humanitarian organizations have stepped forward to assist in the rescue and relief efforts.

The destructive floods also damaged over 1.68 million houses, with 559,992 houses completely destroyed.

CSP accept donations/contributions, both from home and abroad. The State Bank of Pakistan has devised the guidelines for the Pakistani commercial and micro-finance banks for the collection of donations/contributions by Overseas Pakistanis.

Providing health & medical services to the flood affected in district Shaheed Benazeerabad

Food distribution to the flood affected in district Shaheed Benazeerabad

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